We understand the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) brings uncertainty to your travel plans. With this mind, we wish to reassure you that Alert Bay Lodge has taken steps to provide for your comfort, safety and health during your stay.

In this environment, physical distancing is a key feature to maintaining good health. One of the unique features of the Lodge is its size: 3000 sq. ft. shared by four suites. The Great Room alone is 1400 sq. ft. with several nooks by the fire, the TV, and library. In addition to the large personal space this feature provides, we schedule breakfast sittings for up to two suites at our two separate dining tables.

While breakfast is included in your stay, guests may decide not to eat in local restaurants. We kindly ask you to order dinner when you book your room. Sittings for both breakfast and dinner are scheduled one hour apart.

Hand sanitizing soap is available in each room as touchless applicators in the lobby and Great Room. And, of course, we scrupulously clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.

BC’s province-wide restrictions are updated on a regular basis and global information can be found in this link to the World Health Organization.

Stay safe!

Scott and Nina Bonner