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Waterfront Accommodation in Alert Bay, B.C.

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The following collection of links is organized tourism resources and conservation organizations. All of us at Alert Bay Lodge hope the information in these links will contribute to your travel experience on Vancouver Island, Canada, or wherever you decide to journey. Please feel free to email us with your recommended travel links.

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Tourism Resources on Vancouver Island


Tourism Resources in Canada


Worldwide Tourism Resources


  • Retreats Online- a great selection of retreats around the world (including Alert Bay Lodge).
  • Travel Notes: Travel directory providing country/state information, reviewed web sites, regular travel articles, and online ticketing for car hire, hotel reservations and discounted flights.
  • Travel Quest: A specialist travel directory offering ideas for active, adventure port and special interest holidays and vacations.


West Coast of Canada Conservation Organizations

"What happens to beasts will happen to man. All things are connected. If the great beasts are gone men would surely die of a great loneliness of spirit." Chief Seattle, 1884.

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