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The Managers

Each season we hire international couples with hospitality backgrounds in front desk, cooking and serving, and housekeeping. We work with the couples to develop the menu, so each season reflects different international cuisine. These couples inject an energy and passion that delight our guests and underscore our commitment to customer service of the highest order. Please watch our blog for updates!

The Owners
Scott & Nina Bonner

A number of years ago (don't ask how long ago but was before parenthood) we stayed at a very-hard-to-find beachfront near Santiago de Cuba. The place had four basic rooms and a spectacular view of the ocean - pretty much standard fare in Cuba. But what made this property exceptional was the service. We were not over-served by any stretch - the staff were just there when they needed to be, almost as if they had ESP. A few years later when we saw what is now Alert Bay Lodge for sale in 1999, we knew fortune had smiled on us.

This 3000 sq. ft. building was constructed by First Nations in 1961 as the United Church for the island. Since then the building has had a number of identities. Many renovations later, Alert Bay Lodge is now, we believe, fulfilling its ordained role as an ambassador with local character for people that come from far and wide to visit Alert Bay. We live in Victoria, BC, from where we run Midnight Sun Adventure Travel, a tour company specializing in adventure tours of Canada.



Scott and Nina starting the Nootka Trail