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The Managers 

We are a young and energetic couple, proving ourselves to the world in Alert Bay having taken on the opportunity as Operating Managers for the 2017 season of the Alert Bay Lodge. With a combined 7 years of experience in Marriott and Starwood Hotels, our style of hospitality is adaptive, confident and generous. Estelle originally hails from Montreal, Quebec , has a passion for yoga and champions a vegan lifestyle. Joel is from the small town of Olds, Alberta, knows how to ride a horse bareback and has a background in Hospitality Management. Neither of us could live without chocolate or TV and, while our days are spent active and healthy, our evenings are spent binge watching seasons on Netflix (quietly, so as not to disturb you).




The Owners

Nina and Scott Bonner have owned Alert Bay Lodge since 2000. This 3000 sq. ft. building was constructed by First Nations in 1961 as the United Church for the island. Since then the building has had a number of identities.Many renovations later, Alert Bay Lodge is now, we believe, fulfilling its ordained role as an ambassador with local character for people that come from far and wide to visit. Scott and Nina live in Victoria, BC, where they operate Midnight Sun Adventure Travel, a tour company specializing in adventure tours of Canada.


Scott and Nina starting the Nootka Trail