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Easter April 2-5

Hi Kathie and Marvin,

Scott and I are really looking forward to coming up to Alert Bay for Easter. I love having breakfast with the Easter Bunny and meeting all the locals. Last year my mum and I also attended a service at the historic Anglican Church, and later we were invited by the locals for tea and cookies. By the end of the day we felt like one of the gang. People really do make the place! We have told so many people about our wonderful time last year I think we'll have a few more people coming up with us this year. Especially with the new renovations - heated floors and soaker tubs! more

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What is the 360? A Great Event for Paddlers!

When: 2010-07-24
Where: Canada, Pacific Ocean, Alert Bay

Paddle around Cormorant Island, (Alert Bay). more

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More about The Alert Bay 360

As I said in my last post The Alert Bay 360 is on July 24th starting at 11:00 am.  What I didn't tell you was that there are already hundreds of people coming!  The campground is getting a face lift and already 70 tenters are planning to stay there.  Thismeans if you want to be a part of all the excitement,  you should make your accommodation plans early!   The Alert Bay Sea Festival will be held that same weekend, so there will be lots to see and do. more

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Exciting News

We have received information today that The Alert Bay 360 will be held on Saturday, July 24.  If you were in Alert Bay last summer you know that The Alert Bay 360 is a kayak race around Cormorant Island.  Last year this was accomplished in less than an hour.  A racing kayak built by Atlantis Kayaks is pledged as a prize, value is 4K.  Don't miss your chance to win one of many prizes.  Last year it was exciting to watch the race from the Lodge windows. more

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Spring is coming

Spring is coming to Alert Bay.  No, we don't have daffodils or tulips, we do have little purple hyacinths, purple, yellow and white crocuses and there are 4 buds on the rose tree.  People down Island have their daffodils trying to bud, but haven't heard of anyone with roses yet!  Yeah Alert Bay! more

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Another sunny day in Alert Bay

It's 1:30 in the afternoon; a gorgeous day in Alert Bay.  The weather is warm, there is no wind.  Hundreds of ducks are swimming in the water, ducking beneath the surface for their lunch.  It is interesting to see how long they can hold their breath! more

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The sun is out

Tuesday morning at 9:15 and the sun is shining, you should see the mountains - the green of the trees - wow!  It's 7C not bad weather for February! more

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